Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Annual Tuttle's Trip

Mama, Daddy, Granny, Kellie, Marin, and I all went to Tuttle's Orchard over the weekend. It was a super nice day, so we had a good time. The photos Mama took last year show me with mittens and a hat. We were freezing. It was about 80 degrees this year!

Marin got her first pumpkin and had a really good time in the swing in the play area. She keeps doing this weird thing with her tongue whenever we're outside and the wind is blowing. It looks like she's tasting the air!

Marin and I are really looking forward to our birthdays! This year we're having a dual party. Mama says we may not be able to do that once Marin knows what's going on. Kellie and Mama sometimes had to share birthdays (Jan. 31st and Feb. 11, respectively) and Aunt Kellie hated it! I probably won't care either way!


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