Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Vacation!

We just got back from Florida yesterday. We stayed 8 days with Grandma and Grandpa Breese at their house on Fort Myers Beach. Marin and I had a great time!

We went sailing on Grandpa's boat and we went to Naples Zoo! I was closer to a lion and a pelican than I will probably ever be again in my life. I saw a zookeeper hand feed the alligators and a mysterious animal from Madagascar, called the Fosa (pronounced foose).

My favorite thing we did was telling Grandma and Grandpa all of the dinosaur knowledge I've acquired since they left for FL in the fall. They were a captive audience, so it was great!

Marin didn't like the sand too much, but she loved the zoo! She also loved going for walks on the beach as long as she was being carried, so that she could spot all of the dogs that people were taking for walks. She calls all dogs "Lola"! Marin is so silly! Anyway, Mom is trying to unpack and get everything back to normal for us. The satellite TV guys have already been to the house this morning. We had some wind damage to the satellite and to our roof while we were gone. Anyway, enjoy our pictures of our trip!



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