Sunday, November 8, 2009


This year we decided to keep the birthdays low key. Wednesday, Maddox's birthday, we decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum as part of their celebration. That night, we met Kellie at a Texas Roadhouse and had dinner. We then had cake and Maddox opened presents at Granny and Hampy's house. His birthday surprises included Bionicles and Transformers.

On Friday, we celebrated Marin's birthday a day early. She had her own party theme and opened her presents. I really didn't capture the excitement emanating from her on my camera, but it was definitely felt in the room. She's crazy about Tink, so the tent was an excellent choice by her dad and I. Marin also got a Cinderella barbie and a PINK doctor's kit, among other things.

They enjoyed their days and we enjoyed watching them!

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Lindsay said...

Loved the pictures you sent us! Your babies are growing up fast.