Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's About Time

I realized today that I haven't been updating the blog we have for the kiddos. I do a lot of posting on Facebook, but not everyone uses that. So here is a little of what we've been doing lately.

Maddox and Marin's Birthdays:

This year we had their party at BounceU in Fishers. I think everyone had a good time.


Maddox started going to all-day kindergarten a few weeks ago. His best friend, Nick, started to go all-day, so that really motivated him to want to go too. Everyday, he comes home and says school is great. His teacher is excellent! She challenges his little brain and appreciates all of the information he has to offer.


Marin and I have been going through a little adjustment period since Maddox is gone for most of the day. She is getting used to playing by herself while I get work done. She is quite ornery though and sometimes does naughty things to get attention. For example, she dumps water all over the floor, throws my cell phone, colors on inappropriate objects, etc. This is new for me since Maddox has always been perfectly content to do his own thing. It is getting better with time.

Daddy Gone:

All of us have also been adjusting to Luke moving out of state. We Skype most nights. The kiddos don't really enjoy that much. They don't really get it.

Things have been going better than expected. We have a nice schedule now which helps. Although, when Luke does come home, the kids find it difficult becasue Daddy doesn't follow our schedule. We'll get it eventually. Practice, practice. Luke will be home again for several days at Thanksgiving, so not too much longer before another visit.

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