Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Long Time

Its been awhile since our last post. We've been unusually busy. We were supposed to go on vacation to Minneapolis to visit our friend Allison last weekend, but Mommy's doctor said it wasn't a good idea. Mommy has venous reflux and has to take diuretics. She has to "go" more than me and Marin!

We did spend the weekend doing lots of fun stuff! On Friday, we went to the Children's Museum. I really enjoyed playing in ScienceWorks. Daddy has fun in there too! Marin had a blast in Playscape, where she and Mama did Silly Sing-Along Songs. Marin learned to clap last week, so she enjoyed clapping to the music. Marin also learned to crawl. She went across the room on Saturday. And today, she pulled up to standing on a diaper box. I missed is but Mom said it was neat! She looks too little to be standing up or walking. Marin is also getting 6 teeth right now, 4 across the top and two more on bottom, for a total of 8 teeth. She got her first 2 in June, so she's going to be ready to bite me very soon!

We went to our friend Sophie's birthday party on Saturday. That was a lot of fun too. I even wore a party hat! On Sunday, Granny and Kellie went with us on our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Its okay as long as you get there when it opens. Nobody else was there. I played a bunch of games with Daddy and Mama had fun playing Skee-ball!

On Monday, we met Grandma Beth and Daddy's brother and sister, Hank and Katie, at the zoo. Aunt Lindsey was there with Zach too. We went to the dolphin show. I saw my favorite thing at the zoo: the snakes!! Mama and Daddy petted an elephant, but I didn't want to. Mama also fell in love with a donkey. She wanted to bring it home with us!

I start preschool on Sept. 3rd, so our summer fun is coming to an end. I'll have lots of stories to share about year 2 of preschool though. Check back soon!

Maddox and Marin

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